The Hub for Media, Creative Professionals and Artists in Tunbridge Wells.

Social Networking for media, creative professionals and artists

MeejaHub is a social group that aims to bring creative, media professionals and artists together to exchange ideas, sources, industry news and gossip - over a drink, preferably, or via this website.

Membership is open to all working or living in and around Tunbridge Wells - from marketing managers in the corporate world, artists, creative agency employees, illustrators, writers, graphic designers, journalists, web developers, media consultants, copywriters, photographers, professional bloggers, social media gurus, film producers, cartoonists, viral marketeers and others.

Whether in full-time employment, freelance, retired, re-evaluating or graduating, MeejaHub is for anyone who has a background, present or future in the world of media - whether that’s print or digital or canvas.

No charges to join

Subject to profile approval, anyone can join the MeejaHub site without charge and network online with fellow creatives. All members are encouraged to attend the events; where professional relationships and friendships develop.

What happens at events

Events take place in the function room at Sankey’s, Tunbridge Wells, usually on the last Thursday of each month from 6 - 8.30pm. New members and guests are always made welcome. The ego-free group is friendly, chatty, interested and interesting.

The cost to attend an event is £10 which entitles you to two drinks from a selection of beers and wines, plus a portion of mini fish and chips.

Not for profit and supported by its members

MeejaHub is a not-for-profit organisation that exists solely for the benefit of its members

Mutually supportive

Part of the ethos behind MeejaHub is mutual support. Many members recommend contacts to each other if they feel there could be some benefit to one or other or both parties. Some ‘Hubbers’ have joined forces on projects, with successful results. It’s a great place - for example - for agencies to find freelance talent.

MeejaHub is a social forum first and foremost. The organisers will not tolerate any members or guests who are felt to be acting against the group’s ethos. All members are treated with respect and courtesy.

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