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Anybody know a studio space in TW when I can film green screen for a music vid?

Hi all

I am a animator based in TW and require a studio space to film some green screen sequences for a music video.

It is for a 80s pop star who requires flattering lighting and a room to change / apply theatrical make-up.

I would need it for one full day however the budget is extremely tight so does anybody know of any good deals.

Best wishes
Neil Whitman.

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Hi Neil, I own photoshoot studio hire in Southborough and I have a 3 meter backdrop with chroma green, the studio is available for £25ph and the colourama is £7per meter on the floor. you can hire the studio for the discounted rate of £180 a day and I have make up station, changing room, kitchen etc. If this is of interest to you, please call me on 01892 526034.


Paul Meyer

Hey Neil, I shot a green screen at Paul's studio earlier this year - the space worked out very well so can highly recommend. Tom

Hi Tom, long time no see, hope all is well.  Yes have spoken to Paul now and all is good.  Thanks for the recommendation... Neil.

Thanks for the recommend Tom



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